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Review: Nielsen Reaveley Releases The Brand New Single “Either Side Of The Globe”!

After the recent success of his catchy single “Milk Train”, Nielsen Reaveley is back with his brand new single titled “Either Side Of The Globe”!

The song is about a German girl Nielsen was seeing in London, who turned out to have a boyfriend back in Germany. As well as covering a series of good memories between the pair, the song depicts Nielsen’s anger at the discovery that the girl was in a relationship.

This latest release was produced by award-nominated producer Matthew Parisi, who was songwriter Mike Stock’s principle sound engineer for over four years.

The song highlights the natural textures behind Nielsen’s distinctive & charismatic voice, which gives this talented artist the chance to deliver a mesmerising performance that instantly captures your attention.

The acoustic elements behind the backing track perfectly symbolise the pure & passionate nature behind the lyrics, which is a true statement to Nielsen’s creativity as an artist.

Overall, I believe that this release is another exciting chapter in this gifted artist’s musical career. I would not be surprised to see this song making huge waves within the music scene very shortly.

You can check out “Either Side Of The Globe” on Spotify below.

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