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Review: Nielsen Reaveley’s Vocals Shine On The Brand New Single “Milk Train”!

Singer/songwriter Nielsen Reaveley is set to release his brand new single “Milk Train” on June 14th & will soon be making its way into your pre-drinks playlist!

This latest single focuses on the events on an epic night out that lead you to catch an early morning train home that ends up with the hangover kicking in before you’ve reached your destination.

The track has been produced by award-nominated producer Matthew Parisi, who was songwriter Mike Stock’s sound engineer for over four years. Parisi has previously worked with artists such as Chris Martin & Kylie Minogue. He is also credited on records alongside Grammy award-winning mixing and mastering engineers.

The song features a catchy acoustic vibe that highlights the natural vocal ability behind Nielsen’s musical talent & gives him the opportunity to showcase the feel-good factor that surrounds his voice.

I feel that this song features an upbeat backing track that perfectly highlights the soothing acoustic tones behind Nielsen’s unique musical styling & draws you in from the very first listen.

You can check out “Milk Train” on Spotify on June 14th & pre-save it now by clicking here.

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