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15 Musicians To Watch Out For In 2019!

2018 has been a year filled with some amazing musical releases that we have has us dancing along to from the very time that we heard them or crying into a box of tissues because we connect deeply with the lyrics. There has certainly been a song for everybody.

After taking a moment to wave goodbye to the past year & the musicians who have graced our playlists & hearts over the past twelve months. We can now take a look at the upcoming year ahead & the artists who I believe are going to be musicians to look out for!

The acts that I have listed below are a select few of who I believe you should be keeping an eye on in the upcoming year & in my opinion, have a very high chance of taking the music world by storm!

So here are the 15 acts that I believe we will be seeing a great deal of in 2019. Enjoy!

Four Of Diamonds

Kären McCormick

Natascha Bessez

DevoN Nickoles

Cannan Cox

Caitie Andreen

Alice Lynskey

Claire Radel

Sophia Patsalides

Vic Allen

Wild Fire

Aymee Weir

Sergiu Bolotă

Brooklyn Roebuck

Kaitlyn Baker

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