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Review: Gabbie Hanna Releases Official Video For “Monster”/”Monster (Reborn)”!


gabbie hanna monster video
Photo: Gabbie Hanna – Monster/Monster (Reborn) Official Video.


Gabbie Hanna recently stole our hearts with her incredibly catchy singles “Honestly” & “Honestly (Encore)”, & now she is back with her brand new tracks “Monster” & “Monster (Reborn)”!

After her recent releases, I was not really sure what I was expecting to hear from Gabbie as there was a number of ways she could have gone with her evolving musical style. However, after listening to her latest tracks, I can safely say that I am officially in la la love!

I feel that Gabbie keeps on bringing us music that you can tell means a great deal to her, which helps you to connect even more with the song as you are able to sense the pure & raw emotions behind the lyrics within Gabbie’s vocals.

The lyrics featured within her latest release are some of the most relatable lyrics that I have ever heard in my life. I feel that I am able to connect with these lyrics on a very personal level & can’t help but feel quite emotional while I listen.

The official video itself is very well produced & clearly tell’s a very emotional story that is clear to follow through the duration of the video. I also feel that the emotion behind the lyrics are clearly brought to life through the entire video & you can’t help but feel emotionally connected to the story.

I feel that Gabbie continues to pour her heart & soul into her music, which is shown within the emotion & passion that each of her new releases features. I would highly recommend that you check them out!

You can check out the official video below.