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Review: Klara Winterain Upload’s Stunning Song “Hurricane”!

klara hurricane
Photo: Klara Winterain “Hurricane” YouTube Video.

Klara Winterain aka Klara With Guitar, has uploaded the stunning song “Hurricane” on her new YouTube channel, and after a few moments of listening to this song you will find yourself being lost within the emotional melody behind the song.

I honestly love how the melody that features within the song really captures your attention, and brings out the powerful emotion behind lyrics.

I also believe that this song really showcases the pure and angelic tone’s that feature within Klara’s unique and passionate voice. I have to give Klara such credit, because the passion that she features within her music always shine’s through, and I honestly believe that is the sign of such an inspiring and passionate artist. I can’t give enough credit to the passion and determination that Klara always delievers with her music.

You can check out “Hurricane” below.

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