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Selecția Națională 2018: Johnny Bădulescu Vocals Shine On Emotional Song “Devoted”!

Johnny Devoted
Photo: Johnny Bădulescu “Devoted” YouTube Video.

In this series of blogs I am taking a look at some of the songs taking part in Selecția Națională 2018, and today I will be reviewing the song “Devoted” by Johnny Bădulescu, which was written by Michael James Down, Primoz Poglaje & Jonas Gladnikoff.

The song has such a pure and emotion behind it, which I really believe is shown in the lyrics of the song & suits the style of Johnny’s vocals perfectly.

I found myself getting lost within the song from the very first listen, which I think is a great factor in showing how much emotional connectivity is within the lyrics of a song.

I also believe this is a real credit to the songwriters, who have in my opinion created a really fantastic song, which helps showcase Johnny’s voice perfectly.

I honestly can see this song going far within the contest & wish Johnny all the luck in the world. I can certainly see great things ahead for him.

You can check out “Devoted” below.

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