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Review: Lights Releases Stunning New Song “Savage”!

Lights Savage
Photo: Lights “Savage” Official Video.

The countdown till Lights brand new album “Skin & Earth” is released (Wahoo!), the talented singer has released the next song which will feature on the album called “Savage”!

For me, “Savage” is a very catchy song that features lyrics that will get stuck inside your head, and a melody thatb will have you clicking that repeat button.

I also believe that this show showcases Lights stunning & sassy voice to the max, and adds extra emotion to the meaning behind the song.

I honestly believe this song really shows the type of passionate & talented artist that Lights is. I love how Lights always stays true with her music, and that is what makes her the incredible artist she is today.

You can check out “Savage” below.


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